Ulysses has four water districts which provide municipal water to 203 residents within the Town’s boundaries. Following the creation of Districts 3 and 4 and the adoption of the Town of Ulysses Public Water Law, the Town Board recognized the need to have a Water Districts’ Resident Advisory Committee.

The Advisory Committee members are volunteers from each of the four water districts (view Water District map). Their duties include:

  • Answering general and specific questions about water district management
  •  Investigating complaints, extensions, and improvements to the four districts
  • Advising the Town Board on how to resolve water-related questions and issues

The Advisory Committee meets when issues are brought before them by District residents or the Water Districts’ Superintendent, Doug Austic. Meeting minutes are also available for public review at the Town Hall.

The Water District Superintendent is hired by the Town of Ulysses and is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Town’s water system. Concerns or questions about the physical infrastructure of the Town water system (i.e. water mains, hydrants, and water meters) should be directed to the Water Distribution and Maintenance Operator, Doug Austic.

Committee Members

Diane Hillman, Chair, District 3, E-mail contact: metadata.maven@gmail.com or (607) 387-9207

Sue Oaks, District 1

Jim or Brett Seafuse, District 2

Chip Martin, District 3

Mike Lunger, District 4



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