Emergency Medical Services

Letter from Village of Trumansburg attorney to the Town of Ulysses - 12-10-2013


Public Hearing - EMS Ambulance District 6:30pm

February 26, 2013
Time: 6:30 p.m.

The Town of Ulysses is proposing to create a new ambulance district serving the area of the town outside the Village. For more information:

See notice of Public Hearing: http://ulysses.ny.us/pdf/EMS-Ambulance-District-Public-Hearing.pdf

See the Map, Plan and Report: http://ulysses.ny.us/pdf/EMS-MPR-ambulance-district.pdf

Link to EMS Policies and Fees
currently being used by the Village (note: the Town of Ulysses residents outside the Village are currently NOT being billed)

Potential EMS Options - a comprehensive chart of EMS options for the Town and Village.

Ulysses Newsletter - July 2012 - a brief EMS article outlining EMS options.

Joint Shared Service Agreement - Recommended option by the Town

6/12/2012 Resolution from the Town of Ulysses to Village of Trumansburg requesting joint shared service agreement and accompanying letter.

5/15/2012 - Joint meeting of Village and Town to explain advantages of joint shared service agreement and map a course for discussion over the summer. Audio of meeting.

Material provided to the Village in preparation for 5/15 meeting:

Tax impacts of a shared service agreement.
Advantages of a joint shared service.
Letter accompanying package of information.

5/2/2012 Tax implications from a joint shared service agreement as opposed to separate ambulance districts in the Town of Ulysses and the Village of Trumansburg.

Impact of adding northern Covert

Repeated requests (5/18, 5/29, 6/4, 6/5,2012) from the Town of Ulysses were made to the Village asking for information and data the Village considered in making the decision to add the entire Town of Covert to the EMS service area. No response as of 8/2/12 from the Village about:

  • a map of new coverage area
  • projected number of calls in new coverage area
  • date of commencement of service to new coverage area
  • projected effect on current response time of EMS to calls in Ulysses (particularly the south part of the town)
  • projected effect on EMS department budget and proportional assignment of cost to each contracting municipality
  • availability of personnel and equipment and any changes that may be needed
  • impact if South Seneca EMS service does not remain in operation with the loss of the Covert EMS contract

Areas of concern for the Town of Ulysses

  • Equal service for equal tax input - Without a joint shared service agreement, the Village residents tax rate is approximately 3 times that of Town residents. See more.
  • Budget - The Town of Ulysses pays the majority of the EMS costs but has no meaningful input on the EMS or fire budgets.
  • Covert - The Town of Ulysses has not been provided with data or estimates on how this change will affect service.
  • Transparency - requests for meeting minutes from the Village have not been answered. Requests to meet with the Village are rarely agreed to.

History of meetings and communications between Village of Trumansburg and Town of Ulysses over EMS

Outline of events and efforts since 2009

Audio of joint meetings




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