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Go Solar and HeatSmart

Come out and talk to partner installers at any of the Tompkins County meetings:

This program brings low-cost quality solar power to every Tompkins county resident who wants it.  Even if your property has been determined to be non-viable for solar panels because of limited roof space, too many trees, or not enough southern exposure, there are solar solutions that allow ANYONE to participate.   And there are options for renters as well. 
How can solar work for properties where solar panels can’t produce enough?  New York State has implemented “Community Shared Solar” which enables people without suitable sites for solar or who don't own their home/building to buy into solar power by purchasing shares of a solar farm.  You get full credit for the production of your share on your electric bill each month and all of the clean solar electricity the panels produce goes directly into your local electric grid.  There are plenty of incentives and tax breaks.  Once you own a share outright, all you pay NYSEG is the line service charge.  There are also leasing arrangements for solar installations on your property.  For more information, read these FAQs:
Heatsmart II

HeatSmart returns for a second round of all-you-need-to-know-made-easy public information meetings throughout the spring.  Come learn about highly efficient ways to heat your home and stay more comfortable.
Come out and talk to partner installers at any of the Tompkins County meetings:

There are two meetings scheduled for Ulysses:

Racker Center, 3226 Wilkins Rd.
March 23rd (Thurs) 

Ulysses Town Hall, 10 Elm St. 

April 15th (Sat) 

 The HeatSmart ll program offers an opportunity for anyone to set up a FREE analysis of their home.  It makes recommendations for improving insulation and air sealing and also provides information about the potential benefits of switching to heat pumps for heating your home and/or hot water.  HeatSmart provides key information, pre-vetted installers to do the work, and reduced pricing on installations. 
Home heating and hot water accounts for 75% of household energy consumption in Tompkins County and currently most of that is fossil- fueled.  Air sealing and insulation can reduce your heating bills and heat pumps are an extremely efficient mode of heating (and include air conditioning as a bonus) that can be powered by renewable energy.  Hot water heat pumps are at least 2.5 times as efficient as conventional hot water heaters, and can pay back with lower heating bills after only a year or two (depending on the type of heater being replaced). 
Come to any of the public meetings and find out how to make your home more comfortable and lower your heating bills!
See SolarTompkins.org for schedules and locations, or contact Jonathan Comstock atjonathan@solartompkins.org, phone: 607-351-1752, for more information.