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Ag Committee

In February of 2013 the Agriculture and Farmland Protection Plan was finalized.  This document outlines the establishment of an Agriculture Committee. In June of 2014 the Town Board passed a resolution forming the Agriculture Committee and outlining their scope.  Click here to view the resolutions to form the committee.

Current Ag Committee members:
Mark Ochs member 2/7/17-12/31/19
Greg Reynolds member 4/12/16-12/31/18
Chaw Chang Chair* 1/4/18-12/31/18
Lucy Garrison member (shared) 4/12/16-12/31/18
John Gates member 1/24/17-12/31/19
Krys Cail member 4/12/16-12/31/18
Contact: Chaw Chang, Chair: stickandstonefarm@gmail.com  (607) 216-5245
*Please note- Chair appointments are for one year.

Please view the Government Events calendar to see when Ag Committee meetings are held.
Minutes & Agendas

Best practices for solar installations
Other ag-related resources