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TOWN & COUNTY TAX BILL - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: When is the deadline to pay my bill?

A: The deadline to pay your bill without a late penalty is February 1st (payments must be postmarked by this date if paying by mail). PLEASE NOTE that if you are paying your bill through a bill-pay program, arrange your payment several days before the due date. These checks arrive from banks without a postmark, so they will be counted as received on the day they arrive. More info HERE.

Q: Who should I make my check out to?

A: Please make checks out to Town of Ulysses Tax Collector.

Q: Can I make a partial payment on my bill?

A: You can pay your bill in two installments, as shown on your tax bill, though there is a 2.5% service charge. The first installment is due by February 1st, the second due July 1st. You MUST pay the first installment by February 1st to be eligible for the installment option. Partial payments in other amounts cannot be accepted.

Q: Why is my tax bill so high?

A. Generally this is due to a delinquent School or Village tax bill, or water bill that has been relevied onto this bill.   You can contact the Village of Trumansburg at (607) 387-6501. For school tax bill questions, contact Julie Kephart at BOCES, (607) 257-1551 ext. 1042, or tburgtax@tstboces.org .

Q: I go to [insert tropical destination here] for the winter. Will my bill be forwarded?

A: Yes, if you’ve forwarded your mail through the post office, your tax bill will be forwarded. Please remember that you are responsible for paying your tax bill even if the tax bill does not reach you by mail. You can also print your tax bill by clicking HERE (click yellow highlighted link at the top of the page).

Q: Can I pay my bill online?

A: Yes! You can pay your bill online with a credit card or E-Check for a small fee.

                    Credit Card Payments:

                    If your tax bill is less than $64, the service fee is $1.75

                    If your tax bill is greater than $64, the service fee is 2.75%


 E-Check Payments (E-Check fees are less than Credit Card fees):

Tax Bill Amount

Service Fee











Over $10,000

Increments of $2.50 per $2,000

 Click HERE to pay your tax bill online.

Q: I have an escrow account for taxes. Will my tax bill be automatically paid by my bank?

A: No, you may need to send your tax bill to your bank so that they can pay from your escrow account. Some banks ask for tax bills directly from the Town and some don’t; please contact your bank directly to see if you need to send them your bill.

Q:  Why is my assessment so high? Can I appeal?

A: If you feel that your assessment is not reflective of fair market value, you have the right to ask for an informal review or to file a complaint with the County Board of Assessment Review. Please note that the period for filing complaints on the current assessment has passed. Find out more HERE.

Q: Are there any tax exemptions for seniors or veterans?

A: To see if you qualify for an exemption, contact Tompkins County Assessment Office at 274-5517. Exemptions must be filed with the State of NY by March 1st to take effect the following year (the deadline for filing exemptions on 2021 taxes was March 1st, 2020). You can find out more HERE

Q: What is the "solid waste fee" on my tax bill?

A: Tompkins County collects funds from residents to help cover the cost of its Recycling program, among other things.