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Seeking proposals for CLEANING at Town Hall- Due 5/20

Due 5/13/2022 5/20/22
The Town of Ulysses is seeking to contract with a weekly cleaner.  We highly value this work and seek trustworthy folks to apply.  For questions or to tour the facility, contact Carissa Parlato, Town Clerk: clerk@ulysses.ny.us, (607) 387-5767
Requirements for contract:
  • Once a week cleaning
    • Cleaning will need to occur outside of business hours
      • Business hours: Monday - Friday 8am to 4pm
  • Use of non-toxic, low odor cleaning products only
  • Weekly completion of scope of work check list form submitted with monthly invoice
  • Experience with cleaning for other governments or organizations with sensitive information and materials preferred
  • If your business is not a sole proprietorship
    • Prevailing wage requirements:
      • Certified payroll must be submitted with each monthly invoice
      • Building services fall Article 9, for more information:
  • Any cleaners and members of their staff who will be on site at Town Hall must be trained and registered with the Town Clerk.
  • Must follow the town’s current COVID policies such as use of masks
  • Applicants who have scheduled a tour of the Town Hall facility are preferred 
  • Sample contract available upon request
Description of Scope of Work
(Work described includes both the first and second floor of the Town Hall)
Weekly Tasks
  1. Vacuum carpets (including under furniture); spot clean as needed
  2. Sweep floors (including under furniture); spot clean as needed
  3. Vacuum first floor rugs
  4. Wet mop all first-floor hard surface floors
  5. Clean any other areas as needed (i.e. kitchen sink)
  6. Bathroom cleaning: scrub toilets (inside, out, seats, lids), sinks
  7. Dust and sanitize all surfaces: chairs, tables, kitchen surfaces, desks, Judges’ bench, cabinets and all surfaces, being careful not to move documents on desks
  8. Remove cob webs
  9. Clean door windows
  10. Empty all garbage and recycling to central area
  11. Clean kitchen area with particular attention to sink, dish drain, microwave and counters
  12. Clean out utility sink after dumping mop water
  1. Remove hard water stains from kitchen sink (if needed)
  2. Rinse and dry HVAC unit filters
  1. Brush down screens (remove screens on all windows in winter and replace in spring)
  2. Wash windows inside & out (fall/spring)
  3. Clean silverware and dishware storage areas in kitchen
  4. Clean inside of refrigerator (please give Town Clerk advance notice so items can be removed)
  5. Wax and buff hard surface floors
  1. Deeper cleaning of each office (Schedule with Town Clerk so that staff can prepare)
    1. Dust all surfaces
    2. Remove cobwebs
    3. Vacuum/sweep out corners/crevices/baseboards
    4. Anything else needed
RFP submittals should be sent via email to clerk@ulysses.ny.us before 4pm on 5/13/2022
RFP should include:
  • Hourly rate
  • Estimated number of hours needed per week for cleaning
  • Statement of potential days/times when your business is available to conduct cleaning on weekly basis
  • List of cleaning supplies you plan to use
  • Two current references
  • Describe your business’ experience pertaining to access to sensitive materials
  • Clarify nature of business: sole proprietor, LLC, etc.
  • List of employees you plan to have onsite (if applicable)
    • The Town reserves the right to conduct a background check on potential candidates and their employees.
  • Written confirmation of understanding of Prevailing Wage requirement (this is not applicable if you are a sole proprietor)
[1] https://apps.labor.ny.gov/wpp/publicViewPWChangesArt9.do?method=showIt