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The Highway Department is located at 3888 Colegrove Rd., Trumansburg.

April 1-30:  6am-2:30pm, Mon-Fri.
May 1- Nov. 30:  6am-4:30pm, Mon-Thurs.


Town of Ulysses residents may drop off their brush and yard waste (not stumps or logs) at the town highway garage at 3888 Colegrove Rd. No contractor refuse, please.


name title term contact
Scott Stewart Highway Superintendent through 2021 (607)387-6230 / highway@ulysses.ny.us
David Snyder Deputy Superintendent (appointed annually) (607)387-6230

The Town of Ulysses Highway Department oversees some, but not all roads in the town.
View this map to see which roads are maintained by the Ulysses Highway Dept.

The Highway Deptartment (aka Town Barn) is located at 3888 Colegrove Road in Trumansburg. 

View upcoming Tompkins County highway/road construction projects on their website here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Does the town pick up branches?

The Town of Ulysses does not collect yard waste. If you live within the Village of Trumansburg, they do. Contact the Village DPW at 387-5618 for more information on this.

2. Where do I report a dead deer on the road?

It depends on where it is. Roads in the Town of Ulysses may be maintained by Village, Town, County, or State highway departments. View this map to see who maintains that road and contact accordingly:
Village of Trumansburg DPW: 387-5618
Town of Ulysses Highway Dept.: 387-6230
Tompkins County Highway Dept.: 274-0300
NYS Department of Transportation (NYSDOT): (607)756-7072 (Regional office in Cortland)

3. My mailbox was damaged by a snow plow. How do I get this fixed?

This also depends on who maintains the road. (See above).

If the mailbox is damaged by the Town of Ulysses, the town has adopted the following policy as of 10/22/19:

If an installed mailbox, or its post, in the right-of-way is damaged by the Town of Ulysses during regular maintenance of the roads, the Town of Ulysses Highway Department will make repairs as follows:

  • The Town will replace the mailbox and/or post if, after inspection by the highway department, the damage was determined to be caused by the Town of Ulysses, not by other causes such as rotted wood or rusted metal or another pre-existing defect.
  • If damaged, the post will be replaced with a 4” pressure treated post.
  • If damaged, the mailbox will be replaced with a standard metal mailbox.
  • The mailbox and post replacement will be completed as soon as possible, but in no case longer than within 6 months of the damage.
  • A temporary box and post may be necessary if the ground is frozen or for other reasons.
  • Specialty mailboxes or posts will be replaced according to the specifications above. The replacement will not replicate specialty posts or boxes.
  • The Town will consider the mailbox or post as “damaged” if the post and/or mailbox is no longer usable.