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The 2009 Ulysses Comprehensive Plan is an important planning tool that gives the Town the opportunity to be proactive in a variety of ways. It provides the Town Board and Ulysses constituents with an overall framework for both long- and short-term decision-making. The Comprehensive Plan was not designed to be a static document; rather it is a blueprint for future land use and economic development that can be reviewed, modified, and updated as Town conditions and circumstances change.

The Ulysses Comprehensive Plan identifies what the Town residents and other key stakeholders want Ulysses to look like now and in the future.  Based on public input and professional consultation, the plan outlines recommendations for future preservation of the Town’s valuable natural resources and economic and land development within the boundaries of the Ulysses Township.

Public participation during the Comprehensive Plan’s drafting stage was encouraged and many of the recorded comments and suggestions were incorporated in the final plan adopted by the Town Board, including:

·        Promoting efforts that support agricultural sustainability

·        Preserving natural resources

·        Developing a balanced approach to economic development

·        Revitalizing the hamlet centers and coordinating development efforts with the Village of Trumansburg

·        Increasing collaboration and consolidation with adjacent municipalities


The Comprehensive Plan can be viewed in its entirety at the Town Clerk’s Office, 10 Elm Street, Trumansburg or online at Town of Ulysses Comprehensive Plan


Vision statement for the Comprehensive Plan:

Ulysses is a rural community in the Finger Lakes region that takes great pride in its agricultural heritage and character, natural resources, and small-town atmosphere. Significant community features, including our farms and lakeshore, make Ulysses a desirable location for residents and visitors alike. We will continue to celebrate and protect our unique resources by promoting efforts that support agricultural sustainability, open space conservation, a balanced approach to economic development, and revitalization of village and hamlet centers. We will strive to effectively balance future growth with the conservation of key community assets through proactive planning in a manner that benefits all residents, both today and in the future.