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The Ulysses Town Board (also known as the Town Council) is the governing body of the town. The five board members represent residents in collective decision making of local government and the proper functioning of town services with an equal vote. The board includes five elected officials - a supervisor and four councilpersons. Each official is elected for a 4-year term.


name term hours contact
Elizabeth Thomas 1/1/14- 12/31/17 Monday- Thursday 9:30am-5pm; or by appointment supervisor@ulysses.ny.us
Phone: 607-387-5767 extension 232


name term liaisons contact
Rich Goldman  1/1/14 - 12/31/17         Planning Board & Board of Zoning Appeals goldman@ulysses.ny.us
John Hertzler  1/1/16 - 12/31/20 Village Fire Dept., Health Constortium hertzler@ulysses.ny.us
Michael    Boggs 1/1/16 - 12/31/20 Highway Dept., Town Hall Maintenance, EMS Billing Oversight Committee boggs@ulysses.ny.us
Nancy Zahler 1/1/14 - 12/31/17 (Deputy Supervisor), Trumansburg Village Board, Health Consortium (alternate), Youth Commission, EMS Billing Oversight Committee, Village EMS, Planning Board & Board of Zoning Appeals (alternate) zahler@ulysses.ny.us