Ulysses, New York once encompassed the City of Ithaca, the Village of Trumansburg, and several smaller communities. Today the township of Ulysses is made up of the smaller communities known as Halseyville, Jacksonville, Krum's Corners, Podunk, Waterburg, Willow Creek and the Village of Trumansburg.

Over the years books have been written about Ulysses and other Tompkins County areas. These books mention train, lake, and coach travel; methods of transportation whose heydays are long gone. These fascinating books outline earlier eras with abundant farming and the significant events that shaped the lives of early settlers and native people who once resided here. One particular book, "Celebrating the Bicentennial of the United States of America in the Town of Ulysses and the Village of Trumansburg", portrays much of these earlier times. The book was written by local citizens and is an excellent source of local history. Some of this valuable information will be shared on this site. The actual book, put together around 1976, is very interesting and is available at the Ulysses Historical Society in Trumansburg at the time of this writing.

A Brief History of the Town of Ulysses

Ulysses Historical Society

The History Center in Tompkins County


John Wertis, Town Historian
Hours: by appointment
Phone: 607-387-4331


Michele Mitrani, Deputy Historian
Hours by Appointment
Phone: 607-387-9466


The Town Historian is responsible to:

  • Fill out a yearly report detailing inquiries, phone calls received, and meetings attended which is submitted to the Tompkins County Historian. This report is then sent to the New York State Historian.
  • Meet with the Tompkins County Municipal Historians an average of eight times a year and contribute to any local historical projects coordinated by the group
  • Attend a yearly meeting of the New York State District of Municipal Historians to exchange information and ideas relating to New York State history
  • Hold public informational sessions about any history-related activities in which the Town of Ulysses participates
  • Lifetime member of the Ulysses Historical Society
  • Member of the Tompkins County Municipal Historian’s Group

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