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Town of Ulysses, NY | Water District
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Please note that fees are charged for this service:

Items under $51.00 will be charged $1.75.

Items $51.00 or more will be charged 3.5%.

Town of Ulysses Water District 3 was instituted in 2003. The district runs primarily up Route 96 from the Town of Ithaca to the 1900 address section, including sections of Van Dorns Corners, Perry City, Jacksonville, Swamp College, Colegrove and Cold Springs Roads.

The district receives its water from Bolton Point, via the Town of Ithaca.

The Town contracts with Bolton Point for various operational aspects of the system, but also has its own Water District Operator. General concerns or questions or billing inquiries can be directed to the Town Clerk.

For water main breaks, leaks, or other related issues (in the Town only, not the Village), contact the Town of Ulysses Water District Operator, Chris Stevenson, during business hours (or after hours- for emergencies only) at (607)422-1759.

Information on Water Billing

Water Advisory Committee

Water Hook Ups and Plumbing Permit Applications

Local Law #1 of 2003- Public Water

Annual Drinking Water Quality Report - 2014

Disinfection Byproduct Sampling Report - 4/7/2014

Map of Ulysses Water Service